Lantern Battery "Universal Life" With A Removable Lamp Buduyuschaya Development Of TARОТ

Main technical characteristics and dimensions of the lantern


The illumination of the working surface which is perpendicular
optical axis of the lamp at a distance of 1 m from the light center:


- At the beginning of the discharge the battery, no less: 120 lux

- At the end of battery discharge, no less: 90 lux

Rated battery capacity: 4-4,5 A.chas

Cycles: 750 charge / discharge

Nominal battery voltage: 6,0 In

Voltage battery charge: 7,0 In

Current battery charge: 0,35-0,45 A

Charging the battery: 10-12 hours


The duration of continuous burning

halogen (krypton) lamps 6-6,5 B, at least: 8-9 hours

The duration of continuous light LEDs: 120 hours

The service life of the lantern, at least: 5 years

Dimensions, not more: 240h265h112 mm

Cord: 1 m

Weight, max: 2,0 kg



Designed range able to meet
Any requirements in various industries,
applicable to autonomous sources of this class.
Germitichnye used batteries are not
require refilling and maintenance for all time
Use a lantern.




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